My name is Imran. I am in Grade 3. I created this website to start discussions between people of all ages about climate change, sustainability and green technology. We are at an important point in this discussion. We can do this together-finding solutions, creating new jobs for young and old, protecting ourselves as well as nature. Join me in this discussion at home, in school, at work, with our governments! 

Be the change and lead the discussion!
I know we can create new friendships by talking together.

Sustainability is 4 Everyone
The Keepers of the Imagination Forest Young Writers of Canada, By Imran
First Place Winner Young Writers of Canada, 2017.

In a faraway land where animals protect the children is the imagination forest. It has special trees that share their imagination seeds with the children in the village. The seeds help children to imagine by giving them dreams every night. In the forest are the owls and eagles. The owls guard the dreams. They use their beaks to spread the seeds to children every night after they fall asleep. The eagles are the guardians of the forest and the imagination trees. The imagination forest is in trouble. The trees are being cut down. Workers are cutting the trees down for more cities. The children’s dreams and their imagination are disappearing. The children wake up sad every morning. If all the trees are chopped down, the children’s imagination will never return again. The owls and eagles are worried. They must find a solution. The owls and eagles meet at night. They talk for a very long time. The giant eagles have decided to use their hunting sounds to scare the workers. Together, they block the trucks. For days the eagles use their hunting sounds and keep the workers from the forest. The workers cannot do their work and leave the imagination forest. Slowly, the dreams and happiness come back. The seeds re-grow on the trees that remain in the forest and the children start a new cycle of imagination. To remember the story, every year, the children plant imagination trees. This has become known forever as the festival of dreams…Now when you visit the land of dreams tonight, see if you can find the imagination forest and its keepers.

The Day the Toys Filled Moby Island By Imran
Second Place Winner, Young Writers of Canada, 2018.

Far away is a place called Moby Island. The island has flying sea turtles, coral and other creatures. The coral look like red and pink roses in the sea. The turtles need the young coral to power the island’s force field. The energy from the coral charges the ridges of the turtle’s shell. By flying in circles, the turtles then create the force field. It’s the force field that protects the island by keeping large waves away.Here is the story of when toys filled up all of Moby Island and almost destroyed it.It was a sunny day. The turtles were flying peacefully. Suddenly, a toy landed on the island. Then one hundred more landed on the island. An aircraft carrying garbage thought that the island was deserted-a perfect place for a garbage dump. But it was not deserted, it had life including the coral and flying sea turtles.The coral started to eat the small pieces of the toys. Their stomachs filled up with the pieces and they started starving. Without the coral, the turtles also became hungry and the force field stopped working. Large waves started to hit the island. In no time the waves had destroyed half of the island. The island creatures were drowning.With all hope lost, the constellations Leo the Lion and the Big Dipper came to life that night and turned all of the toys into coral larvae. In the morning, with the sun’s bright rays, the coral larvae grew into coral. The turtles found the energy they needed to produce the force field.Leo and the Dipper now guard Moby Island from intruders. When you see Leo the Lion and the Big Dipper together in the night sky, you should know that they are watching over the creatures of the earth including those on Moby Island.