Welcome to Sustainability4Everyone

We created this site as citizens to share resources with the our global community, parents, teachers and students, on climate change, climate action and sustainable development. The citizen site is a collaboration between Ismaili alumna from MIT, Brown University, Harvard, Waterloo and youth focused on sustainability management and climate action. (Not affiliated with any formal insititution). 

Topics we will cover on this site and on our Instagram page

  • Sustainable Living
  • Understanding the Three Pillars of Sustainability
  • Learning About the Plant Forward Diet and Sharing our Recipes
  • Climate Change and the Impact to our Health
  • Travelling Sustainably
  • Responsible Consumption
  • Rethinking our Resource Usage
  • Discussing the Relevance of Sustainable Development Goals to our Community
  • Greening our Spaces – Including Design, Materials/Resource Usage, and Detoxifying our Spaces
  • Lowering our Footprints (Carbon Footprint, Plastic Footprint, and Foodprint) 
  • Sustainability and Emerging Careers

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