Saving my Earth: 52 Weeks of Making a Difference

We hope that this book will enable you and your family to learn about our environment. If we change the way we live and the choices we make, we can protect our planet and its natural ecosystems. We need to ensure that humans and all other natural species on Earth, continue to thrive for many generations. This book contains thoughts and activities encouraging you to consider, how you as an individual or family, can make a difference when it comes to the environment. Write your thoughts down on the pages provided. Use the questions to start a discussion with your friends and family. We believe that by working together we can find the solutions and create positive change. The human imagination has no limits in finding sustainable solutions.
Imran Allarakhia-Co Author and Grade 4 Student

Your Sustainability Journey  
Understanding my connection to nature...6
Learning about the issues...31
Leading change…44
Assessing my footprint…63
Learning from nature’s innovation processes…76
Re-designing my way of life…83
My rights, my community…93
Being well informed…106
The signs from nature and changing my behaviour…116
Responsibility and accountability of consumers and producers…141
Getting away from the politics and creating a healthy future for our children…154
The human imagination…167